After Reading: Charles Yu, Brian Francis Slattery and Jonathan Berger on 9/26/2010


Our first event took place on September 26th, and featured Charles Yu author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe and Third Class Superhero, Brian Francis Slattery author of Spaceman Blues and Liberation and Jonathan Berger author of The Great American Novel


Because we're super professional type professional people here at the Wold, we forgot to charge our video camera's batteries. No amount of pleading or flattery would bring our poor equipment back to life. That came out wrong.

But here we offer you what we have:

Brian Francis Slattery reading "The Spleen Brothers":

Brian Francis Slattery reading from Liberation

There are more recordings of Brian reading his work to music at his website.

By this time the battery was gone, and we used a regular camera to record this clip of Charles Yu reading from How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe:

You can read more about Charles Yu in this interview with member of the Wold Newton Woman's Auxiliary, Sarah Weinman.

We didn't actually get any footage of Jonathan Berger at all the event, so here he is at a completely different event, singing about a subject near and dear to his heart:

Other tidbits:

Originally, I wanted Ed and I to do a skit at the beginning of the show. The idea was that we would do our best impersonations of Abbot and Costello doing a routine based around "Yu's On First".

Here is the complete sketch I wrote around that idea.

Ed did not like this sketch. He thought it was too long and he didn't want to do a pastiche of Abbot and Costello, he wanted us to do our own thing. He came back with a slate of one-minute sketches, to be done in front of each performer, and then we argued about them for a while until we hammered out this compromise.

The upshot was that because Charles Yu arrived late and Brian Slattery went on first, all our skits were thrown into turmoil and we ended up improvising something that, if not a complete disaster, was at least mostly a disaster. But we had fun doing it!

Next time, if our camera holds out, you may even get to see whatever stupid crap we come up with to introduce our amazing performers! EXCITING!

Original Announcement

Here's the original announcement of the event, which includes some great reasons why our great readers are so great!

It's Our First Event!

And it's going to be AWESOME

You will go to WORD Bookstore in GreenPoint, Brooklyn (directions)

On Sunday, September 26th, 2010 at 6:30PM

To see Charles Yu and Brian Francis Slattery!

And also poetry by Jonathan Berger

There will be Music! Laughs! Meyhem! And they will be Capitalized!

Yu, collecting time travel fuel

For You Want to See Charles Yu

Charles Yu wrote a book with a time machine that operates on regret. I mean, listen, I could talk about how he's one of the National Book Foundation's 5 Under 35 for his story collection Third Class Superhero and crap like that. But he wrote a novel called How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe that has a TIME MACHINE THAT OPERATES ON REGRET. That SHOULD BE ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

And You Want to See Brian Francis Slattery

I read Brian Francis Slattery's Spaceman Blues. And then I said "I will read every book this person puts out ever whatever it is. This person could write a tretise on the daily enoui of the average American snail, and I will buy and read that book for it will be extra stupendous.

Also, he performs with a band. When he reads his fiction. And tears the roof off.

And You Also Want to See Jonathan Berger

If someone could earn money for sweating, Jonathan Berger would be super rich. But he sweats because he works it! He does this humorous performance poetry with music thing and if it doesn't make you dance, it will definitely make him dance. And sweat a lot. And this will inexplicably entertain you, but you may feel dirty afterwards.

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